Signs of vision problems

What are the signs of vision problems?

If you or a family member answer yes to any of these questions below you should book yourself in for an eye test at your local Visique optometrist.

While these symptoms are not necessarily specific only to eye problems or vision correction there are many issues that can occur with your eyes that may cause these symptoms.

  • Do you get headaches, nausea or dizziness after near tasks such as computer use or reading or after driving?
  • Do you get blurred or double vision at any time?
  • Do you ever get crossed or turned eyes?
  • Do you blink or rub your eyes after visual concentration?
  • Do you dislike or avoid any close work, such as reading or sewing?
  • Do you suffer from a short attention span?
  • Do you often place your head close to a book when reading or writing?
  • Do you often frown while looking at the TV or whiteboard?
  • Do you have difficulty reading small print?
  • Do you have difficulty adjusting focus between near and far objects?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or avoid driving at night?
  • Do you have difficulty seeing road signs or TV?
  • Are you sensitive to the glare?
  • Do you have a family history of any eye disease?
  • Do you get sore or red eyes?

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